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Bringing innovation
to your customers through partnerships.

GNA Creative Labs is an independent innovation lab working in partnership with industry leaders to deliver unique products, services, experiences and content to their customers through new businesses. 

We function as an Independent Innovation Lab working towards the best interests of our Partners and their customers.

As a partner, you can rely on us to make our venture look good, while also turning ideas, processes, products, and high performance into reality for your customers.

Our Partners benefit from ongoing trusted advisory with consolidated technological, creative and communication support.

We are made up of highly capable individuals with unique technological insights, strong communication skills, a knack for problem solving and global business experience.

We explore, assess and uncover the possibilities that makes product ideas achievable.

If there’s an industry, topic or technology out there, then there’s a good chance that someone on our team or network has been involved with it. 

We get to the core of what provides the real value for our partners and their customers. 

Our management team has picked up unique insights from over twenty years of strategic, creative and technical experience while doing business globally. The close knit nature with our partners yields results from everyone contributing, everyone knowing the story and everyone sharing their opinion.  

Start building new connections to emerging market with us.

We work directly with founders, CEOs, and thought leaders, bringing them unique perspectives to overcome uncertainty.

We’re a small multidisciplinary team with capabilities far larger than the sum of our parts.

Here are some of things that we bring to our partnerships:

Design Insights
Communication Insights
Technology Insights
Intellectual Property
Tailored Solutions
External Perspective
Network Access
Trusted Advisory

Do your customers want new products that can benefit from innovative resources outside of your organisation?

Through partnership, we can bring new innovations closer to market with exploration, creation and articulation.

Find out what we can do for you.


GNA Creative Labs Limited,
Unit F, 21st Floor, CNT Tower,
338 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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